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My life’s work is dedicated to the empowerment of marginalized groups through global wealth redistribution and evisceration of the systems and societal structures that created the marginalization in the first place.  I am an HBCU advocate because I recognize their crucial function as bulwarks of nurture and care for people left uncared for and exploited by the majority power. 

I’m a radical anti-capitalist, because I recognize and intend to drastically change the root causes behind conditions which created and still perpetuate the necessity of institutions, such as Historically Black College and Universities, which cater to the needs of the marginalized, the oppressed. 

Henry’s Going to an HBCU began as a side project to allow me to relieve stress through a creative art project.  Although I am a passionate and outspoken HBCU advocate, H2HBCU functions as a component of a larger picture. 

I do not think I will spend the bulk of my career writing literature geared toward children. I am aspiring to spend my career developing and propagating political theory to radically change the way society operates so that it works for the many, as opposed to the few at the top in the way it currently does. This radical change is rooted in a desire for an egalitarian society where the current prevailing injustices are no more. 

 I am currently writing a book on contemporary political economy. (Expected summer 2020)

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